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      From classic to modern,  ladies bag  become ladies beloved. Interesting to say the rise is related to the evolution of package decoration clothing closely linked. Since the eighteenth century, a wave-type skirt with belt she was replaced by Slim's clothes, ladies will have to find a bag  loading  of personal items. The first ladies  handbags  small fish net momentum into the sky, on the long rope facilitate this bundle pouch in your hand, a veritable "package decoration." For centuries, the trend of fashion accessories like fashion in general, with each passing day, keeps changing. And its status has gradually increased, becoming ladies dress indispensable part, such as women  handbags. Based on the trend of different cultures, different age conditions, on different occasions, women  Messenger Bags has evolved constantly changing form.
The early nineteenth century, a large travel bag and out of Europe has become a necessity. Large bags conform born. Twentieth century, the rise of cigarettes, the small cigarette has become an ornament ladies attending the communicative place, a small box-like package decoration has therefore been put into the market a lot of ground. Twentieth century, women are brand-name command,  women handbags become a symbol of status and elite. Early 20th century, as a fashion representative, women shoulder bag, popular items become commonplace, but in that era, fashion is only the rich "patent." Meager income and heavy work to make working class women and fashion for him, but also missed the package decoration.
        Until the 1920s, the mass media increasingly developed, fashion is no longer the privilege of high society, women of all walks of life have joined the ranks of catching fashion. The women  handbags are beginning to show their own characteristics. Beaded bag with the beat of the music shaking occurs sound, and then play the song after another popular jazz sounds of the "Concerto." 1930s, spatial development Hollywood movies, popular fashion they had a huge impact. women Messenger Bags With streamlined appearance and good cabinet, simple materials, simple and elegant. Full of smoke 1940s, most package decoration design emphasis on practicality, but the trend is more influenced by pragmatism military design, women shoulder bag rage, because it can be used to install gas masks, ration and identification cards and other bills. Smoke swirling in the war years brought great suffering to the people, though, but it led to civilian package decoration and simplified greatly step forward. The end of the war, the economic recovery of the 1950s gradually, due to imprison the war years, people of sexual desire and competition, women dress sexy and charming turn quickly after the war. In line with the clothing and women bags, is no exception to the sexy and charming.
         Rapid economic development in the 1970s and 1980s, in a sense, package decoration has become a symbol of status and cultural identity. New materials and design has introduced to break it, "investment to buy  a good  women handbags," the traditional concept.
        In the 1990s, the fashion was dominated by local young people, seem to have become synonymous with avant-garde fashion arrival in 2000, retro wave will continue to prevail, sequin  women handbags might become a craze. As the new century women whether you have thought about your side of the package decoration to a few hundred years later could become a witness of history.



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