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women leather handbags Storage and identification

   Every fashion lady must have several different styles of PU leather handbags to match the dress. Bags and more, how to use the bag collection, it became fashionable lady compulsory. Especially leather handbags, because the leather is a special material, and therefore need to spend more on maintenance of the heart, to make leather forever as new, less talk about several storage, a good way to maintain the bag.

  1. season to the collection of   women leather handbags: Before storing must first clean the leather, and the bag to be placed inside a clean shredding corporation or Mianshan to maintain the shape of the bag, then the bag into a soft cotton bag collection in the cabinet, and should avoid undue compression and deformation.
  2. Napier products received the cupboard must be kept well ventilated, for example, better shutter door cabinet, but the cupboard is best not to put too many items.
3.  leather handbags  leather natural oils will follow the passage of time itself, or use too many times and slowly reduced, so that even very advanced leather also need to do maintenance on schedule.
4. If the suede products contaminated, you can directly use the eraser wipe and maintenance time with a soft brush to brush flat direction along the wool on it.
  5. Maintenance of the road is the most important, "and must be cherished," an unusual note when using the bag will not be scratched, not rain, not contaminated by Pickle
      This is the most basic common sense maintenance PU leather  women  handbags.
          Teach you to identify genuine  leather,  Imitation  leather handbags
Grossly: Under normal circumstances, a   genuine leather handbags (including aniline leather, pearl leather, etc.) on its surface luster bright and soft, leather is bright and dazzling glare, plastic feel strong, wipe the leather on the face, its surface will be remarkably shiny, rather than natural leather, there will be no significant change. Meanwhile, the film leather shift its position by force rough surface will feel (eg: Finished header position), and parts of the skin thick leather armpit similar, and other leather not have this phenomenon. Distinguish grain leather and leather shaving when to pay attention to, shaving leather is destroyed the original grain surface, then press the pattern, although the pattern types can imitate cattle, sheep, pig, etc., but no pores eye pattern, the pattern floating on the surface of the skin, eyes and grain leather pores exist, careful observation can be identified. Meanwhile, grain leather shape, arrangement, etc. are certain rules to be investigated, but because it is natural, in general still are unordered, while shaving leather and leather surface pores unnatural pattern is a mold Marking out, is exactly the same. Under normal circumstances, shaving leather and leather unnatural distinction is difficult to distinguish from the perspective of the pores, the hand mold, sharp eyes, hand press, set in a small water droplets and other methods
           Hand touch: artificial plastic material sense is very strong, shiny bright, winter cold and brittle hand touch feeling,  women  leather handbags surface is smooth and delicate, hand-thick and strong sense of touch and feel no cold, and some even have the feeling Rounuan (eg: sheepskin).
         Hand Press:  Women leather handbags  hand pressing softer parts of thumb would be thrown in the vicinity of many Suixiao average of wrinkles, thumb bounce, because the dermis good elasticity, wrinkles will soon resume its surface, there are some remaining small wrinkles, rather than natural leather is either not have wrinkles, or even if there is relatively coarse wrinkles veins, but the veins are difficult to recover soon, this is due to the film and the substrate surface layered actions.
         Set tiny drops of water in the finished surface of the leather surface after a few drops of water through the pores of the diffusion can be seen significant wet spots, absorbs moisture and natural leather will not have this phenomenon.
         Burning:  genuine  leather handbags  with fire burnt edges with hair,Imitation leather
 is a plastic taste.
        smell : The smell of   genuine leather  women handbags animal fat flavor (ie leather smell), Imitation  leather, there are plastic or rubber smell.



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