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choose and buy men bags,Men handbags, men shoulder bag, mens messenger bags


  Men's bags collectively referred to as  men bags. men bags  types there are many. According to zoning, there briefcase, casual bags, sports bags, key cases, men wallets and laptop bags, and so on. The portable way points, there are  men shoulder bag, backpacks,  mens messenger bags and  men handbags and so on.  purchase according to your purpose and living habits, the selection of a suitable male package.
   Now more and more men will also take time out to give yourself a bag. As her beloved, you are prepared to give him a suitable bag ? To him how to choose the most suitable  men handbags, as well as how to choose before they can get a good bag, these are tips.
  Observed a men bags mainly depends on the quality of its design, materials, workmanship, volume and cost-effective.
       Men  handbags  design is the most important, because it determines the packet's practical, durable, comfortable, and other properties in many aspects. Package functionality is not possible, the overall design should be simple and practical avoid fancy. A bag is comfortable, is basically determined by the design of the suspension system, suspension system usually consists of straps, belts and back pad composed of a comfortable package should have a wider, more solid and can adjustable strap, belt and back pad, preferably with back pad perspiration ventilation slots. Fabrics should normally have a wear-resistant, tamper-evident, water and other characteristics. There are currently more popular Oxford nylon, polyester staple fiber canvas, leather and leather and so on. Belt and shoulder strap bag body between fabrics, bag cover and inclusion process quality stitching, etc., to ensure that the necessary firmness stitching, pin should not be too large, too loose. Should be based on individual often the work content and personal economic strength, from the actual needs determine the size of men's handbag, choose not only meet the needs of the economy can bear.
   Men  use  the bags precautions
1, at least two or more of the basic styles of work  briefcase: a summer, a winter. You can buy a lightweight leather bags, with those difficult outdated clothing.
2, we must strive to maintain the cleanliness inside the   men handbags,
3,  men shoulder bag put  wallet placement, notebooks and other essential goods, have different shapes. Choose colors like deep, so that it does not happen to open the bag, but it was wrong to bring the wallet to get into other items.
4, buy  mens messenger bags  when to double-check the inside, its tone should be able to match the color of the bag in order to seem advanced, but also pay attention to the manual and the design of the strap.
5, when the men do not have to use a large handbag scarf wrap collection is good, so as to prevent dust stick, handle or strap (especially in the form of a chain strap) To receive inside the bag, so as not to damage the appearance of the  men shoulder bag.
6, do not think the price is expensive on behalf of good quality, no matter what the purchase price of the bag should be carefully checked all the details, such as leather, color should be uniform, seams to be close, easier to open and close the zipper, snaps and other bonding well.
7. Do not buy  men handbags difficult switch, otherwise you will waste a lot of time in unbuttoned and tied the bag.






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