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How to take care of women handbags,leather handbags

Famous door of life experience, exquisite perfect figure, rare and precious texture decided she - women handbags, from entering the horizon of the first day, you should receive favorable treatment. I do not know how many women designer handbags on LOGO on lofty enthusiasm, of limited edition handbags crazy obsession. But women who love package know how to take care of yourself luxury in the hands , From day care to a regular beauty, care  ladies handbags should be  like the women maintain their careful and meticulous.
  women  handbags daily care is very important
In many cases, the bag is dirty, discolored or worn, and not caused by the use of time is too long, there may just be that we did not pay attention during use caused. Love package people must have some lessons in this regard, the use of bags usually know what the problem when the attention. Here we summarize give, how usually to care, take good care of those noble ladies handbags.
women handbags in use:
1. If the hands sweat easily, the best possible with his arm or shoulder bag backpack, but less handbags, otherwise easy to leave sweat stains in the bag handle.
2. In the bag when storing sharp objects, be sure to wrap up sharp objects completely recapture. And those who have cut, broken bags of suspected items is best not to put the baby bag. Do not cram or let the heavy items, otherwise it would be deformed or damaged bags.
3. When the switch lock bag pieces, do not foreign material in the lock, it will damage the bag of hardware.
4. Do not stick labels or adhesive tape on the bag, so it is easy to cause flaking skin when ripped off.
5. Try to make women  handbags and denim clothes to avoid the frequent friction, as can easily happen staining phenomenon.
6. rain and snow, try to avoid using turn fur, nubuck leather handbags, suede leather like leather handbags for women , because once a large area above water will be very difficult to manage, and the cortex will harden.
7. prolonged direct sunlight and heating, make bags bleaching, discoloration and deformation. Avoid bags with sunlight, heating prolonged exposure.
women  handbags  storage time:
1. season to the collection bag, preferably before storage before cleaning and care must be placed in a clean bag filler (example: shredding corporation or Mianshan), in order to maintain the shape of the bag, and then then carried the bag into the dust collection bag.
2. Storage bag cabinet must maintain good ventilation, preferably with blinds or wardrobe closet, closet best not to put too many items. If the humid environment, you can put a little moisture beads in the package.
1. If you do not accidentally wet the women handbags , the correct approach should be the first with a dry cloth to absorb the moisture on the bag, then put in the shade let it dry naturally. Do not put wet bag directly on the sun exposure or use a hairdryer to blow, can not be placed next to the air-blowing, otherwise there will be leather burst phenomenon.
2. If there are stains found in the bag, do not wipe themselves with Pearl Bailey and other chemical products. Different leather products have a totally different approach, but easy to handle their own purses damage, it is best to get a professional leather cleaning or repair conservation organization. Moreover, the leather itself with natural oils or use too many times longer time and gradually reduced, so that even very advanced leather also need regular maintenance.



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